White Pine Lending Reviews & Is White Pine Lending Legit? (2024)

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White Pine Lending Reviews & Is White Pine Lending Legit? (2024)

White Pine Lending is an online lending platform that offers loan providing services to the individuals who are seeking short term financial solutions.

It can be the best solution for the individuals who want cash in within 2-3 days.

But is White Pine Lending really worth taking loans?

And what about White Pine Lending customers reviews?

Is White Pine Lending legit or a Scam?

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What is White Pine Lending?

White Pine Lending is an online lending platform that provides various loans to individuals who want quick cash.

They also provide Installment Loans with less approval time and moreover focus on their customers satisfaction.

Company is operating their services through their official website and provides information through customer’s email or customer support forum.

According to the company, they provide quick access to the loan within 2-3 business days but is the information accurate? Let’s check whether the company is legitimate or not.

Is White Pine Lending Legit?

Maybe yes, maybe no!

The fact behind these loan providing or lending companies is that they only target the small customers who want quick cash.

In order to provide quick loans, they charged high interest rates from then which is technically much higher than any other legitimate lenders.

You may check other loan providing companies also that will satisfy your need as well as charge affordable interest rates.

Follow are the list of companies that provides loan; Bluewave Loans, Proper Funding and Post Lake Lending.

White Pine Lending Login Details

The process is very simple and quick to login in the company’s portal to apply for loans. At first the interface website asks for email, last 4 digits of SSN and zip code of your area.

After providing the accurate information you get into the company’s dashboard where you can apply for loans or the application process.

Company also provides a helpline number as follows, 855-228-6721 where individuals can ask their queries or have any issues while logging in.

White Pine Lending Interest Rates

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company charges more than other lenders in the market.

As per the complaints on the BBB official portal, customers are expressing their negative views for their interest rates as follows:

White Pine Lending Reviews & Is White Pine Lending Legit? (2024)

Unfortunately, if this is the final result then for sure move with the another lender because advertising fake interest rates doesn’t mean that the company is legitimate.

600% is too high a price for individuals who are lending money for their personal expenses.

If you’re interested in purchasing loans from this company then research more deeply and analyse every rating and review platform so that there is not any point of being scammed or missguide.

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