What Does V5 INC RET PS Mean?

Bank codes including V5 INC RET PS is one of the most important codes that indicates a serious transaction issue.


Sometimes it appears when the check is bounced.

You have to be aware of these codes as it helps you to resolve any serious problem.

Many times, we procrastinate to fix these errors but in long terms it may result in late fee charges or fine fees may include.

To avoid this situation, let us discuss what V5 INC RET PS actually means.

What Does V5 INC RET PS Mean?

V5 INC RET PS refers to a situation when your cheque paid into your account or deposited cheque is bounced.

Moreover, the problem is common and happens due to various reasons including incorrect bank or any other information, when the issuing bank cancelled the check & sometimes, when there is overwriting on the check.

Notably, this code error also indicates that the deposited cheque may not have enough funds in the sender’s account or having insufficient funds.

Why would a check bounce?

Check Bounce can happen because of various reasons including incorrect information on the check or cancellation of check from the issuing bank.

These are some common causes when the check is bounced:

1. Insufficient funds: Majorly, check bounce happens when there is insufficient funds on the sender’s account to cover the amount written on the cheque.

2. Incorrect Information: check bounce may also happen, when the information written on the cheque is incorrect.

Incorrect information include wrong date, misspelling names and numbers etc.

3. Bank Cancellation: sometimes the issuing bank puts a hold or cancel the request of cheque deposit before it’s being processed on the request of the account holder.

4. Overwriting on the check is another reason for cheque bounce as the system may not be able to verify the information or important details written on the cheque.

Where to contact about V5 INC RET PS code error?

The best way to handle the situation is to contact your TD Bank’s customer support.

TD Bank’s customer support will help you to resolve the issue and also give you an exact piece of advice about why the check is bounced or why it is showing V5 INC RET PS code error.  

How to avoid V5 INC RET PS code error?

To avoid this code error situation follow the given steps and verify the information twice.

1. Verify sender’s information: before the submission process, ensure that the sender’s account has a sufficient amount to cover the funds written on the check.

2. Verify account details: another step is to double check the information written on the cheque including name, date and amount that is going to be deposited.

3. Use verified payment methods including bank transfer, net banking and other UPI payment options.

What does V5, INC, RET & PS means?

Let’s breakdown the word V5 INC RET PS to understand this code error more briefly.

V5: This is the most important identifier that is used by the bank for various purposes including categorising account details and transaction types & issues.

INC: means the short for ‘incoming’, this is the part of transaction where funds were supposed to come into the receiver’s account.

RET: indicates return of transaction or helps to identify whether the transaction was successful or not. If the transaction is not successful then the funds has been returned to the sender’s account.

PS: stands for the payment is stopped or shows warning that the payment is not able to proceed.

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