UK Salary Percentile Calculator (2024)

Want a UK Salary Percentile Calculator?

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Today, In this article we’re going to discuss the UK Salary Percentile and give you the latest UK based Salary Percentile Calculator for 2024.

UK Salary Percentile Calculator by Age

UK Salary Percentile Calculator by Age

So without any further delay let’s dive into our most interesting article and also don’t forget to read this complete article carefully as there is not only a calculator but some important instructions to follow.

How to use UK Salary Percentile Calculator

Before proceeding to the calculation, you must follow some steps to get the right salary percentile.

Every category is compulsory to fill as the calculator is based on the specific country, United Kingdom.

Annual pre-tax or gross income is mandatory to fill. There are not any specific requirements for the annual gross income to be met.

Age is an optional category but we’re suggesting you fill every category as it will give you a perfect percentile.

Region category: you get various options to fill in this calculator as there are various sub categories in the region, industry and age fields.

Industry: this field allows users to select their professional sector whether it is for Engineers, Teachers, Doctors, Electrician or a Pharmacist.

UK Salary Percentiles

Percentile Description London North South Midlands East of England West of England
10% Bottom 10% £20,000 £18,000 £22,000 £19,000 £21,000 £20,000
25% Bottom 25% £25,000 £22,000 £28,000 £24,000 £26,000 £25,000
50% Median £30,000 £27,000 £35,000 £30,000 £32,000 £31,000
75% Top 25% £40,000 £35,000 £45,000 £40,000 £42,000 £41,000
90% Top 10% £50,000 £45,000 £55,000 £50,000 £52,000 £51,000

Purpose of UK Salary Percentile Calculator

The main purpose for this average UK salary percentile calculator is to give you a brief analysis of your income streams where you’re standing in the United Kingdom.

The purpose for this calculator by age is not to induce competition or demotivate our readers.

UK Salary Percentile Calculator by Age

UK Salary Percentile Calculator by Age

But for your career growth, we have introduced this calculator. Our income percentile calculator is specially for UK residents and also gives you a brief analysis about where you’re standing in the country.

This average salary uk Percentile Calculator is answer to many questions including:

What percentile is my salary uk?
What percentile is my income?
What percentage of earners am I in uk?
London salary percentile
What is the average salary for a 25 year old in the UK?
What is the average salary in the West Midlands for a 35 year old?
What percentage of earners am I in the UK?
What is the average salary in the UK?
What is a good salary in the UK?

Is 35k a Good Salary in the UK?

Yes, 35k is a good salary!

Because it is above the salary of an average full-time employee and it is signifying that you’re working in a lower-tier management role such as an assistant manager or a team manager.

The average income or a salary in the UK is £33,000 and if you’re earning £35,000 per annum then you are above the average employees.

Here is the splitting value of the income according to the hours, days, weeks, months & years (All the income calculated is after deduction of income tax and national insurance contributions:

Gross Income Table
Time Period Gross Income (£)
Hour £13.38
Day £107.02
Weekly £535.08
Bi-Weekly £1,070.16
Year £2,318.67


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