Cynthia Petion Net Worth, Husband, Assets & Salary (2023)

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Cynthia Petion Net Worth is estimated at $11.5 Million.

Cynthia Petion is the Founder and CEO of NovaTech company.

NovaTech is the Forex and Cryptocurrency trading platform that provides transaction facilities through various methods.

One of the leading platforms in the forex industry that make transition easier.

Cynthia Petion’s early days were not easy as she faced mainly problems in her life, despite this, she built NovaTech.

But there are many controversies in her career because of various scams including Ponzi scheme and MLM scams.

So without any further delay let’s dive into our most interesting article and let’s find out Cynthia Petion actual Net Worth.

Who is Cynthia Petion?

Cynthia Petion is a Successful Entrepreneur and community activist.

Who runs a successful business, NovaTech that helps users to make transactions in crypto and forex trading.

She worked in various other projects and businesses including MLM ventures.

But she had a bad representation in the society due to promoting scammed MLM ventures and Cryptocurrencies.

Cynthia Petion Net Worth

Keeping all the scams aside that she made, Cynthia Petion achieved great financial success.

She built NovaTech LTD in 2016.

From the initial year to 2023, the company has gained a prominent growth that made her successful entrepreneur.

Notably, her net worth also increased significantly, aligned with the company.

As of 2023, Cynthia Petion estimated Net Worth is $11.5 Million.

NameCynthia Petion
Husband Fabian & later on Jean
Net Worth$11.5 Million
Company CategoryForex & Crypto

Another fact about the founder is she donated his efforts and some amount of wealth in helping needy peoples.

And also involved in community services as a community activist.

She also launched some projects with the help of South Palm Community Church that is located in Florida for human welfare.

Cynthia Petion Husband

She married twice in her life as her first husband’s name is Fabian and Second husband’s name is Jean.

Cynthia Petion Scams

Cynthia Petion was involved in many Ponzi schemes and MLM scams that gained her so much wealth.

She was also involved in many scandals that looted many people.


In this article we have discussed Cynthia Petion net worth and many other things about her including her scams.

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