What is COMN CAP APY F1 AutoPay on Card Statement? (2024)

Another mysterious term “COMN CAP APY F1” on card statements?

What is COMN CAP APY F1 AutoPay on Card Statement?

Don’t worry today we’re going to discuss how to resolve the COMN CAP APY F1 AutoPay problem in the card statement.

Before proceeding with the solution, first we have to find the meaning of COMN CAP APY F1 AutoPay by splitting method.

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What is the meaning of “COMN CAP APY F1 AutoPay”?

There is no need to be frustrated with this problem as it is not very complicated to fix.

Recently, we have found some more complicated bank statement errors such as AGI TMO Service Fee Charge, you can also check this article too for more understanding.

Once you get the understanding of the problem that is occurring on your card statement, you’ll easily fix the issue.

  • Ach: the term “ach” stands for clearing house which means it gives the reference of a network that is used for electronic payments and transfer of payments.

It’s a very frequent way of transferring money from one account to another.

  • Comn: nothing much serious, an abbreviation used to refer to a comenity capital bank.
  • Cap: an abbreviation used for refering capital, comenity capital bank.
  • Apy: another abbreviation used for indicating AutoPay, is an innovative fund transferring system that transfers balance charges from your account.
  • F1: a special code “F1” that represents a specific store Identity or a credit card.

Now let’s understand the complete term, it is an automatic payment method made by the complete automated clearing house network which is connected to a credit card issued by the Comenity Capital Bank.  

Comenity Capital Bank’s Services & Role

Most trusted and important bank for retail and credit card sector: Comenity Capital Bank as all the necessary components of retail and credit card sector are tied with this bank.

The bank serves the facility of providing in-store cards for the businesses or store owners.

Bank Statement Errors Associated with “COMN CAP APY F1”

Error Code Error Description
COMN001 Account balance discrepancy
COMN002 Incorrect interest calculation
COMN003 Transaction not recorded
COMN004 Statement date mismatch
COMN005 Invalid withdrawal entry
COMN006 Deposit not credited
COMN007 Overdraft error
COMN008 Duplicate transaction
COMN009 Unrecognized fee
COMN010 ATM withdrawal discrepancy

Note: these are not the normal or basic credit cards that individuals use for their personal purposes such as MasterCard or any other credit card.

Comenity Capital Bank provides the specific store or business credit cards that can only be used in a particular store to make purchases or transactions.

The bank which provides in-store credit cards has many customer benefits such as various perks, discounts and financing options to provide safety.  

Why is “COMN CAP APY F1” AutoPay on Card Statement?

This error can appear in your credit card statement for various reasons including changes in statement listing, automatic payments that you have enabled for your credit card or monthly credit card payments. Let’s discuss this in brief:

  • Changes in statement listing: this error can also appear when the card provider has made changes in the statement listing.
  • Monthly credit card payments: this error can also appear when you have enabled monthly credit card payment options issued by Comenity Capital Bank.  

So these are the main reasons for the errors that appear in your bank statement, if you still have any query regarding the error then don’t hesitate to contact us.  

How to contact Comenity Capital Bank?

According to our team inspection, the most familiar way to get in touch with the CCB’s staff is through the bank’s official website. It may take some hours to get the reply from the customer support forum but it is the most effective method.  


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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Comenity Capital Bank legit?

Yes, Comenity Capital Bank is a legit bank that provide in-store credit cards.

How can I contact Comenity Capital Bank? 

You can contact the bank through its official website.

Is “COMN CAP APY F1” related to any mortgage companies?

“COMN CAP APY F1”, primary association is with the Comenity Capital Bank and other credit card transactions.

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